If you have followed us this far in our journey, you will surely agree that there has been much to celebrate in our young history. Most recently another milestone was reached by taking in our twenty-fifth homeless veteran since opening our doors in 2021.

Our journey began with a mission to eliminate veteran homelessness in our community. Along the way we have developed an even clearer understanding of the scope of this need and have begun to plan strategically to meet more of its challenges.

Transitional beds for homeless veterans are merely the first step in a process. While recovering them to complete wellness and independent living is the goal, the path to get them there and the support needed to keep them there is challenging.

The five beds we currently operate are a great start, but simply not enough. Therefore, we are actively looking to the Spartanburg area housing market to acquire a second location, establishing more beds to meet the need.

Affordable permanent housing to transition our once homeless veterans into is also in short supply, prompting us to explore the housing market further, to pursue a portfolio of permanent supportive housing options. In our young history, more than half of the residents we have served in our transitional program have been older veterans on fixed incomes.  Finding sustainable housing for them beyond our program has proven difficult.

Celebrate with us in recovering and serving our 25th veteran resident, and please consider a donation as we reaffirm our commitment to the solemn mission we have started on behalf of our community, to end veteran homelessness in Spartanburg.


Please consider making a Donation to support our veterans’ needs.