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A Successful Beginning

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As we move into our fourth year of recovering and shielding veterans from the trauma of homelessness, we turn from looking back on the excitement of how far we have come to a sharpened focus on the future and where our mission is taking us. If you have followed us this far in our journey, you will surely agree that there has been much to celebrate in our young history, with twenty-five veterans served since opening our doors in 2021.

With the community’s investment during our inception and growth, we began to walk out the mission that so many of us care about, which is eliminating veteran homelessness in our community. Along the way we have developed an even clearer understanding of the scope of this need and have begun to plan strategically toward meeting those challenges beyond our present focus, without compromising the good work we are already doing.  Our transitional beds for homeless veterans are merely the first step in a process. While recovering them to complete wellness and independent living is the goal, the pathways to get them there and the support needed to keep them there, are continually changing with the landscape of our culture.

The five beds we currently operate are a great start, but simply not enough to meet the need. Affordable permanent housing to transition our once homeless veterans into is in short supply as well. We have therefore further developed our vision going forward to actively pursue in-roads into the Spartanburg area housing market to acquire more of each. We intend to add to our existing five transitional recovery beds, as well as pursue a portfolio of permanent supportive housing options, especially for older fixed income veterans, who have made up more than half of the residents in our transitional program thus far.

We are excited to expand our availability and services as we continue investing in the legacy we have started on behalf of our community to end veteran homelessness from our current Spartanburg residence.

Meet The Board

Warriors Once Again Board Chair Dr. Craig Burnette

Dr. Craig Burnette - Board Chair, Vietnam Veteran and Retired Psychologist

Warriors Once Again Vice Chair MajGen Darwin Simpson

Darwin Simpson - Vice Chair, Major General, U.S. Army (Retired)

Warriors Once Again Treasurer Dr. Loreta Dylgjrei

Dr. Loreta Dylgjeri - Treasurer, Community Liaison at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Warriors Once Again Secretary Beth Rutherford

Beth Rutherford - Secretary, Homeless Engagement Specialist, City of Spartanburg, former Executive Director, at SPIHN

Warriors Once Again Board Member Carol Mabry

Carol Mabry - Board Member, Community Philanthropist

Warriors Once Again Board Member Logan Hillstock

Logan Hillstock - Board Member, U.S. Army Veteran, Upstate Director of Celebrate Recovery

Warriors Once Again Board Member Dr. Sheila Davis

Sheila Davis - Board Member, Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Warriors Once Again Board Member Peter Moore

Dr. Peter, Moore - Board Member, U.S. Army Veteran, Retired Professor, Wofford College

Warriors Once Again board member James Mulak

James Mulak - Ex-Officio Board Member, U.S Marine, Director of Warrior Advocacy at Upstate Warrior Solution

Warrioirs Once Again Chris Pfohl Executive Director

Chris Pfohl - Founder, Executive Director, U.S. Marine, Retired U.S. Marshal

Not Pictured

Marianna Habisreutinger – Board Member, Community Philanthropist

Paul Lehner – Board Member, Retired Businessman, Communinty                                  Philanthropist,

Sara Lehner – Board Member, Community Volunteer