Late last year Steve came to us as a veteran who had recently lost his home. Fortunately, he had a job and a car at that time yet not long after entering our program he lost both of those as well. At Warriors Once Again, we understand people can lose ground from time to time and Steve was tempted to be discouraged. What we didn’t let him lose was hope.

We all lose ground from time to time. Delays of hopes, best intentions, promises and dreams can best us all from time to time. If you’re already experiencing difficult circumstances it can seem like the whole world is against you. But sometimes we HAVE to go backward, in order to go forward. Because bad circumstances consume good energy and deplete it fast.

It’s during such times, we counsel our veterans to “give yourself permission” to let go. Let go of the wasted efforts, let go of what you hoped would happen and give yourself permission to relax in the difficult circumstances and receive the good things this program offers. We were able to carry Steve through this time. We were able to provide for his every need, while we looked for a different pathway. We asked him to trust us, and our program, and he did. Steve dug in and partnered with our best efforts on his behalf.

His reward for perseverance came recently, when he started a new job that is paying him twice as much as his previous job did and again yesterday, when he was able to get a new car, which is in far better condition than his previous one was. We are proud of his perseverance through the difficult circumstances. By staying positive and looking for alternatives, everything came together, better than before.

Our donors can take all of the credit for this success. It is their generosity and support that allows us to carry men in times when they can’t carry themselves and provide for them, at no expense to them. We have designed our residence model and program functions around that support. I frequently tell our resident veterans, that “a lot of people they don’t know, have invested heavily in their success.”  That holds true, time and again.

Steve’s next goal is a safe, permanent place to live, which we will help him with every step of the way, building off the success he has already achieved and being there to support him if he ever needs anything.


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