When a young man or woman joins the military, they essentially sign away ownership of themselves.  They sacrifice their person and all of their potential to be shaped into what a nation needs them to be, for a specific period of time, so that the population as a whole can enjoy the safety and freedoms of American life.

This symbiotic relationship of give and take exposes them to beneficial things, which further educate them, uplift them and shape them into the men and women they’ll become.  It also exposes them to the possibilities of grave danger, mental trauma, physical injury and death.

On the other side of those enlistments, appointments and careers, is a patchwork brother and sisterhood, to which the veteran always belongs.  Sadly, for some the strength of that membership and its bonds wanes over time.  Where that absence contributes to vulnerability, we are able to step in and help restore it, for our veterans in and around the Spartanburg community.

Warriors Once Again shields veterans from the further trauma of homelessness.  The sacrificial giving of our donors coupled with the personalized response to each individual’s need, ensures that any veteran who enters our program and residence will be successful.  True giving involves sacrifice, and the very nature of sacrifice is to accomplish something better.


Please consider making a Donation to help us meet our veterans’ needs when they arise.