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     An Army veteran living in his old car in a field for two and a half years.  A homeless Air Force veteran in the beginning throes of Parkinson’s Disease.  Another Army veteran, with an unaddressed medical condition so severe, that he was in danger of having his legs amputated.  Today, each one of them are thriving, safe and stable, because of the care Warriors Once Again was able to invest in them.  They represent but a few of the formerly homeless veterans we have helped on behalf of our community. 

      The wind beneath the wings of WOA to do this work, from day one to the present, has been the uplifting generosity of the Spartanburg community.  We are ever amazed at the grand patriotism of so many of our community friends, supporters and partners.  By their investments, we are ensuring those who served our nation are not forgotten, especially those in the despair of homelessness. 

     Since opening our doors in 2021 to house and treat homeless veterans, our eyes have also been opened to the heartbreaking array of desperate conditions our warrior clients have endured, not knowing that help was available. 

     Your generous support allows us to provide a dignified home environment, from which we focus on the highly individualized care and remedies for each homeless veteran we take in, restoring them to hope and wholeness.  We get emotional when we are able to successfully transition these veterans back into the community, no longer vulnerable to homelessness and focused on success, as their transformations are so tremendous and life changing. 

     The majority of us are aware that while for everything in life there is a season, heartache and homelessness adhere to no such timeline.  Please help us shoulder the burden of restoring the homeless veterans around us, as a way to honor their sacrifice and elevate them back to a much greater and sustainable quality of life, which is exactly what they purposed to defend in their military service. 

     In honor of Armed Forces Day (May 20th), please make a tax deductible donation and help us to help each one of them, as we work to eliminate veteran homelessness in Spartanburg. 

Dr. Craig Burnette, Lieutenant, US Army       
Board Chairman, Warriors Once Again

Chris Pfohl, Sergeant. US Marine Corps
Executive Director, Warriors Once Again